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Tiny living is more than a smaller footprint and simplified lifestyle, it's taking steps towards a more sustainable, harmonious way of life with the world around us.

Insufficient supply and skyrocketing prices, along with municipal commitments to health and sustainability (including green building), necessitate creative housing options. These options must also be affordable, equitable, ecologically sustainable, and conducive to long-term health. Tiny houses may be one opportunity to address these diverse needs.

Around the world, tiny houses are gaining in popularity as an alternative model of affordable and inclusionary housing for diverse populations (elderly, students, lone parents, couples, singles). In growing urban centres, vacant, irregular or undeveloped lots could accommodate temporary tiny houses as a means of gentle densification. Tiny houses could also be used as small-scale infill housing that fits within the Vancouver residential neighbourhood context, or as laneway alternatives on single-family residentially zoned lots, creating space for intergenerational living.

Join us as we encourage a cultural shift in the way we live and build through our research, piloting and engagement project. Together, we can bring new affordable, safe and sustainable housing stock to Metro Vancouver and across British Columbia.


Cities want to know the demand and awareness of tiny houses in our region. Take our tiny house survey today and help influence policy locally!




The BC Tiny House Collective is a Vancouver-based initiative made up of community-oriented individuals who are passionate about tiny houses and tiny living in BC. The group’s members are diverse in their backgrounds and bring with them skill sets in research, real estate, human resources, community engagement, construction, planning, design and communications. Learn more about the collective and how it defines tiny houses.


To ignite a cultural shift towards tiny living.


To incorporate tiny homes in future and existing neighbourhoods as part of our region’s housing strategies through community mobilization and stakeholder engagement.


The collective is engaging research partners and community members to undergo a multi-disciplinary project, Go Tiny, which examines the topic through three parts: research, piloting and engagement. Read more on the project.

BC Tiny House Collective at CityStudio

The BC Tiny House Collective is coordinating research and gathering information from diverse sources on the role, benefits, limitations, and opportunities of tiny houses as a viable housing stock in Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods. For more on our research partners, click here.


The pilot project will showcase a tiny houses on wheels in the Vancouver Area (with the intention to expand), in order to inform research opportunities, measure public opinion, explore regulatory pathways for legalization, demonstrate sustainable design and building practices.


The collective will engage with public education and political advocacy through events (tiny open houses, showcases), promotion/communication (videos, written material, canvassing), and training (classes and workshops related to tiny living and green building).


Join the collective today, attend its monthly meetings and learn more about its tiny initiatives and next moves.