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December 2016: The collective in review

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Lots has happened over the past couple weeks…

In early December, we presented to Metro Vancouver’s regional¬†planning advisory committee on the collective and its objectives to pilot tiny houses. The room was curious but RVs came to mind. Great opportunity for future research. How is tiny unique and unlike an RV, without claiming one is less than the other? And why have mobile parks always been on the fringe of communities? How will tiny pocket villages be any different? Lots to explore in 2017.

We also connected with the City of Maple Ridge on a potential council-driven pilot project including small dwellings. Still very much in its infancy stages but excited to see municipalities are exploring tiny houses as part of their diverse and sustainable housing strategies.

Lastly, almost into 2017 and we’ve been asked to meet with the City of Vancouver (CoV) about incorporating tiny houses into its greater Re:Set housing strategy. While we have been engaging with city staff at CoV since July, this is a great leap forward.

And of course, our survey! Cities want data on the demand and awareness of tiny houses in the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver region (our survey does capture all BC too and Canada, generally). We are spreading the word near and far to get as many respondents as possible (ideally 100 in each age category). Please take it and share it with your networks. And many thanks to those who came out to our tiny house potluck celebration at CityStudio mid-month. Great chance to get grassroots again and thank those who have supported us so far.

We are truly thrilled by these steps, and our new logo (thanks Sarah!). Keep you posted on what comes up next and wishing all our tiny supporters and enthusiasts the best of the holidays and new year.


Anastasia and the collective

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