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Meet David, a tiny homeowner

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What’s your name, age and what do you do?
I’m David Ryley. I’m 33 and I’m a construction project manager, estimator and carpenter apprentice. (Dave is also the co-organizer of the Tiny House Festival.)

Dave Ryley and his father.
Dave Ryley and his father.

Where do you live?
Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.

When did you decide to take the plunge and go tiny?
March 2015.

Did you build your own tiny house or have it built for you?

How big is your tiny house and how long did it take to build?
My house is 160 square feet plus a loft. It’s built on a double axle trailer rated for 10,000 pounds (8.5’ x 20’ long). Labour was approximately 1000 hours. The build was done by two, working on weekends over the course of 1.5 years.

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What’s in your house? Any unique features?
It has a full kitchen, functional for two cooks, with the ability to seat a four-person dinner party. It has a clean west coast contemporary style and is 20’ long which makes it manageable to park in any typical city backyard lot (laneway alternative). Here are some other features:

  • Dickinson marine propane heater with 12v fan
  • 20” range (second hand gas converted over to propane)
  • On-demand propane heater
  • 120v Blomberg built-in fridge
  • Splendid washer/dryer combo unit (2000 watts)
  • 153L water tank with 12v pump (has the ability to connect to principal residence via a hose)
  • Greywater tank, disposing into holding tank which overflows to garden or drain
  • Composting toilet via 5 gallon bucket which is then transferred to wheelie bin for anaerobic composting
  • Wired for 120v and 12v electrical; it is required to be connected to principal residence via 15amp or 20amp extension cord or generator…solar coming soon!
  • Custom Maple cabinets and millwork

Dave Ryley_interior2_small

Total cost?
The trailer cost $5000 + materials, $19,000 = $24,000 total excluding labour. Assume labour to be approximately $35,000.

Where is it parked or do you plan to park it? Is it your full-time home?
It is parked in Maple Ridge on rural property. I am looking for a suitable location closer to Vancouver so that I can start living in it and be close to work.

Why did you go tiny?
I was really keen to explore my interest in both designing and building something, and to do it for myself. Secondly, I like the idea of freedom that the whole tiny house movement represents; a mini home that is mobile, sustainable and a reflection of yourself through design.

If you could sway NIMBers in one sentence, what would you say?
Just start. The rest will follow!

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