Meet Ryen Froggatt A tiny homeowner

Meet Ryen Froggatt: A tiny homeowner

What’s your name, age and what do you do? Ryen Froggatt, 43, semi-retired ex-musician, audio engineer, video shooter and editor.  Now part-time landscaper. Where do you live? Sechelt, BC. When did you decide to take the plunge and go tiny? In November 2014. Did you build your own tiny house or have it built for you? I built it […]


Meet David, a tiny homeowner

What’s your name, age and what do you do? I’m David Ryley. I’m 33 and I’m a construction project manager, estimator and carpenter apprentice. (Dave is also the co-organizer of the Tiny House Festival.) Where do you live? Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. When did you decide to take the plunge and go tiny? March 2015. […]


Meet Caitlin, a tiny homeowner

Our goal at the BC Tiny House Collective is to legalize and legitimize tiny houses in Metro Vancouver and across BC. Sounds a little dry? It can be… That’s why storytelling is such an integral part of our journey and to giving a face to those who want to or are living tiny. Here’s our […]

BCTHC Survey

December 2016: The collective in review

Lots has happened over the past couple weeks… In early December, we presented to Metro Vancouver’s regional planning advisory committee on the collective and its objectives to pilot tiny houses. The room was curious but RVs came to mind. Great opportunity for future research. How is tiny unique and unlike an RV, without claiming one is […]

BCTHC Researchers Unite

Researchers unite!

A big thank you to all of our research partners for coming out last night and showcasing their findings and helping the collective identify gaps and opportunities to explore. Also very excited to have connected with UBC’s Centre of Community Engaged Learning. Look forward to working with its graduate students in the new year. If […]

BCTHC Re-Address

Housing in Vancouver

This week marks the Re:Address summit: The City of Vancouver’s conference on global housing solutions. Samantha and I are off to the first of many talks on the right to adequate housing. Look forward to seeing what’s on our cities’ top priorities and how the BC Tiny House Collective can help shape our shared vision. […]