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go, go TINY

A tiny house event at Science World

On May 20, the BC Tiny House Collective is presenting go, go TINY, a one-day tiny house event at Science World that showcases sustainable and innovative design and construction, while reflecting on our waste and reuse culture. We will have tiny houses to tour, community partner pop-up tents and a tiny house barn-raising using reclaimed but new building materials and structural lumber from construction sites; the day ends with a panel discussion and Q&A with leading architects, builders and green advocates.

Our goal with this event is three-fold: to engage the public around what is tiny, to showcase local innovation around sustainable design and building practices, and to inform cities on how this built form can be integrated into future and new neighbourhoods. This event feeds into our Go Tiny efforts to connect with city councillors, mayors and staff on tiny homes and their possibilities.



Designing Tiny is a think tank for designers to create tiny house renderings to various typologies/design components to share with local municipalities. Our goal is to showcase how tiny can be used as an entry-level laneways or as part of a community development.

This project aligns with the City of Vancouver's housing reset strategy. In March the housing department went to council to present their findings and will reconvene in July with their final recommendations. Our first meeting is in May and we are aiming to pass off our designs to Vancouver staff at the end of June, and to other Metro Vancouver cities.