A list of resources on everything tiny, plus a few links and sites from related organizations and tiny house builders and supporters.
Tiny stuff in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Tiny House Meetup | Run by a BCTHC volunteer, this meetup lists all local and some international online tiny house events

Tiny builders & blogs

The BCTHC's tiny house builder directory!

The Tiny Life | A blog on all things tiny in the US

Tiny Home Alliance | Non-profit focused on tiny research & education, BCTHC is a board member!

Tiny House Listings Canada | Resources + list of tiny house builders across Canada, Friends of the BCTHC!

Tiny houses in a Canadian context

Tiny Houses in Canada's Regulatory Context: Issues and Recommendations, Provincial-Territorial-Municipal Working Group on Tiny Homes, May 19, 2016

Innovations in Small-scale Living from North America, Small Housing BC, 2015