"Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms, but they all enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space." The Tiny Life


Our tiny house definition

There is no one definition of a tiny house.

Some think size alone makes a house small, where others may consider the philosophy that goes along with living in smaller spaces. Our working definition differentiates a tiny house from other small dwellings, such as laneway homes/granny suites, RVs and mobile homes, modular units and micro-suites. Here's how we see a tiny house:

  • less than 500 square feet
  • single housing unit that includes the basic amenities of a permanent home: kitchen, washroom and sleeping area
  • detached or semi-attached
  • mobile (on wheels) or on a temporary or permanent foundation
  • customizable, tailored to individual taste and budget
  • designed and built on the principles of affordability, environmental sustainability and social inclusion/community

"Tiny living is more than a smaller footprint and simplified lifestyle, it's taking steps towards a more sustainable, harmonious way of life with the world around us."